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Your USA Market Entry Experts

The entry into the US sustainable energy market poses a complex challenge to companies from abroad. The cultural aspects alone can be significant.

Now you can turn to one source for everything from market studies, to competitor analysis, to real estate brokerage, as well as local representation of your company.

Hamacher Consulting can bring dozens of advantages to your expansion plans, including:

  • Reduce the time necessary to develop an understanding of the US market and the prospects of success for your product.
  • Save time by relying on one comprehensive source for establishing a presence and local representation of your company.
  • Maximize success by working with pros who know what it takes to make your expansion into the US market fruitful.

Profit from a US business presence

Establishing a presence for your business in the USA can lead to higher acceptance with customers and strengthen your position.
Hamacher Consulting will establish a presence with personalized contact and act as professional liaison. We assist with planning and booking of business trips, accompany you as local partner upon request, or attend on your behalf.

Our convention services include assistance with organization of the exhibition, handling of exhibits and display items, and arranging one-on-one meetings with target companies.

Start your US market entry off right.
Put Hamacher Consulting on your team today.
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H&A joins CSP startup company Packaged Sun in their efforts in developing a novel CSP technology that is aimed at reducing the LCOE of concentrating solar power.

A few photos of the Solar Thermal Combined Heat and Power Project at the SoCalGas Energy Resource Center.

A visit to a CSP district heating plant in Denmark and the Østerild wind turbine testing site.

The Lafayette Hotel receives a $100,000 rebate check from the California Center for Sustainable Energy for the installation of fuel cells during an event attended by the professionals involved in the project. The building is also a certified ENERGY STAR.

Eight fuel cells of 5kW each have been installed at the historic Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, CA.