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Our Market Entry Services

Market Studies

We individually research the market for your products and analyze strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. All research is conducted on an individual basis according to your parameters.

Business Partners

US-based business partners such as manufacturers, fabricators, and suppliers might be needed to successfully manufacture and distri-bute your products in the US. We locate and prescreen those important resources for you.

Marketing and Advertising

Systematic planning and implementation of marketing campaigns and promotion of your firm and its products are part of our services.

  • Address research using professional databases
  • Research of keywords for search engine optimization and Internet marketing
  • Advertising in industry magazines and newspapers
  • Direct mail campaigns

Real Estate Services

Should the need arise to open an office in the US, we can help with that as well. As licensed real estate brokers, we have access to the databases used by professionals to identify properties for lease or sale and evaluate financial business incentives that may be available.
We put the right people on your team
There are dozens of critical issues to consider when entering the US market. Hamacher Consulting covers them all, including directing you to the best outside resources available for a market entry:

  • Legal professionals
  • Referrals to qualified tax advisors
  • Business-to-business marketers
  • Public relations experts

Start your US market entry off right.
Put Hamacher Consulting on your team today.
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H&A joins CSP startup company Planet A Energy in their efforts in developing a novel CSP technology that is aimed at reducing the LCOE of concentrating solar power.

A few photos of the Solar Thermal Combined Heat and Power Project at the SoCalGas Energy Resource Center.

A visit to a CSP district heating plant in Denmark and the Østerild wind turbine testing site.

The Lafayette Hotel receives a $100,000 rebate check from the California Center for Sustainable Energy for the installation of fuel cells during an event attended by the professionals involved in the project. The building is also a certified ENERGY STAR.

Eight fuel cells of 5kW each have been installed at the historic Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, CA.