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We joins CSP startup company Packaged Sun in their efforts in developing a novel CSP technology that can drastically reduce the LCOE of concentrating solar plants.

A few photos of the Solar Thermal Combined Heat and Power Project at the SoCalGas Energy Resource Center.

A visit to a CSP district heating plant in Denmark and the Østerild wind turbine testing site.

SDG&E hosts a workshop and tour about Micro Grids. The company is a leader in pioneering this new form of energy distribution.

Representing client Aalborg CSP at the CSP Today Optimization Summit in Madrid, Spain.

The Lafayette Hotel receives a $100,000 rebate check from the California Center for Sustainable Energy for the installation of fuel cells during an event attended by the professionals involved in the project. The building is also a certified ENERGY STAR.

Eight fuel cells of 5kW each have been installed at the historic Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, CA and are introduced to a group of local renewable energy experts. Dan Perkins receives an award as project champion.

Representing client Aalborg CSP at the CSP Optimization Summit in San Francisco, CA.

Representing Aalborg CSP at the CSP Today USA conference in Las Vegas.

During a trip for customer Aalborg CSP, we visited several operating CSP plants in the western US.

A short visit to the 1 MW Solar Power Tower in Jülich, Germany.

Looking forward to the Intersolar NA conference in San Francisco.

Visit to Keahole Solar "microCSP" plant by Sopogy in Kona, Hawaii.

Visit to the PS20 solar power tower and Platforma Solucar near Seville, Spain.

Hamacher Consulting reaches agreement with Danish engineering firm Aalborg CSP. We will represent the firm in the United States.

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