Our U.S. Market Entry Services

Market Studies

We perform in-depth market research for your products and services, including strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) analyses that account for competitors here in the U.S. We tailor our research to fulfill the parameters you seek insights into, including market potential and conditions and viable sales channels.

Business Partners

Strategically partnering with American manufacturers, fabricators, and suppliers can catapult your success in producing and distributing your goods in the U.S. We will locate and pre-screen these critical resources if you wish to consider such an approach.

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Say the word, and we will connect you with marketing and public relation specialists and assist you in systematically planning and implementing marketing campaigns that promote your company, products, and services to your target audiences. We do this by:

  • Undertaking research using professional databases
  • Researching keywords for search engine optimization and online marketing
  • Advertising in industry magazines and newspapers
  • Connecting with prospects employing direct mail campaigns.

Real Estate Services

Looking to open an office in the U.S.? We have the expertise to help you through the process.

As licensed real estate brokers, we have access to the databases used by real estate professionals throughout the U.S. to identify properties for lease or sale and evaluate business incentives that can help finance the process.

Tax Accounting, Legal and other Professional Services

There are dozens of critical issues to consider and plan for when entering the U.S. market. Top-of-the-list items include business structure (new company or subsidiary) and tax accounting. Dealing with these matters early in the process will help to ensure your successful debut.

     Tax advisors and attorneys – As your situation warrants, we can refer you to respected tax advisors and lawyers who can familiarize you with the regulatory environment and offer expert advice and assistance with trademarks and intellectual property rights, employment law, and other legalities.

     Banks, insurance brokers, and other financial institutions – We will connect you with bankers, insurance specialists, and financial experts you need to operate your U.S. business successfully.

     Technology partners and advisors – These specialists can help you adapt your product design to meet American standards and provide maintenance services locally if required. Further, we can introduce you to qualified IT professionals you may need to deploy and maintain your corporate networking systems.

Other critical considerations to address include:

  • Identifying your competitors, their location, and in what state jurisdictions they operate
  • Cash rebates, tax breaks, and other financial incentives available to entice prospective customers to do business with you
  • Market trends in the sectors you operate
  • Where to best locate your business
    • Travel and operational logistics, such as proximity to airports and harbors
    • Being close to key customers
    • Local financial incentives to support you in setting up your business
    • Availability of qualified personnel
    • Travel budgets to evaluate prospective office locations
    • Environmental regulations
  • Anticipated timeframe and budget to get your business operational
  • Establishing excellent customer attention and service.

In each instance, Hamacher Consulting helps you navigate the details and directs you to the best resources for the job.

We assist with planning and booking business trips and can accompany you as your local partner or attend on your behalf.

Our convention services include expert assistance in organizing the trade show, handling exhibits and display items, and arranging one-on-one meetings with target companies.

Start your U.S. market entry off right – team up with Hamacher Consulting

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